Who are we?

MJÖLNIR is a new clothing line, a new addition to the fashion movement. A fusion of urban street style and art movements and history, for both HIM and HER, with guaranteed premium quality, delivered to you wherever you are.

What is MJÖLNIR?

According to Norse mythology, Mjölnir is the name of Thor’s hammer. It was accidentally forged defective with a short handle, however, and despite this defect, it was so powerful and Thor was using it call thunder.

So, you need to be complete to make a difference, be like Mjölnir despite all your flaws be bold and call a thunder, don’t repeat others’ stories, be different and write your own.

What are we doing here?

Our aim is to make an impact in the culture, and to inspire the young generation to stand from the crowd, and start building their own persona, in this crowded world with people, looking the same, acting the same just because the society said so.

We are aware that the task is not an easy one, and things won't be changed from day to night, but we believe in hard work with a community, and we believe we can reach anywhere with your support, there is nothing better than an encourage from a community with same beliefs.